Learn Kettlebell the fast and easy way – in the comfort of your home!

Kettlebells are taking the nation by storm. Why? When used properly they can bring you Rapid Weight Loss. Increased Core Strength. Cardio Benefits, and Body Transformation.

RKC Certified Kettlebell instructor and Gym Owner Tom Strafaci (RKC, CSCS) has over forty years experience in the Fitness Training field – he has trained thousands of individuals from sports professionals to the elderly – and he brings that wealth of experience to this training DVD.

Within The Pulse : Kettlebell Basics, Tom will lead you step by step from choosing the proper equipment and gear, to warming up properly, as well as proper Kettlebell form. Tom will also lead you through a proper warmup, a full workout, and then conclude with a burn out / cool down.

Skills covered include: the Kettlebell Swing, Halos, Goblet Squat. Dead Lifts, Triple Extension movements, Kettlebell Pushups, Renegade Rows, and more.

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