Kettlebell Q&A

  1. What is a kettlebell?……A kettlebell is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle.
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  2. Why train with a kettlebell?…..Because it is versatile, inexpensive, can be used almost anywhere, and delivers one of the most effective   training experiences you can get.
  3. Why is the kettlebell unique?….Because you can safely use it (with proper instruction) to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your movement patterns and in general, make you fitter than you’ve ever been.
  4. Who trains with kettlebells?…..A short list would include military and police personnel all over the world, special operators such as the US Secret Service, Navy Seals, Russian special forces, mixed martial arts fighters and others who require a training device that is both portable and effective. As of late, Kettlebells have become a more common exercise for your “average everyday individual” looking to use this incredible exercise tool for all of its benefits.
  5. Where can I get a kettlebell and learn how to use it safely?….Easy…You can order The Pulse: Kettlebell Basics Training DVD at Amazon, and  you can go to to order a kettlebell and hand care products exclusively designed for the kettlebell trainee.